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August 21, 2019
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You Can Become Wealthy


We are all given the ability to create wealth.


We are all given the ability to create wealth. Ability is the strength that we must use with our talents to trade in the marketplace. God has not disadvantaged anyone. Although He did not give us equal talents, He did give us talents according to our abilities. We therefore owe it to Him to maximise our potential by trading our talents. It is not our fault that we were born poor, but it is our fault if we remain poor. Every one of us can become wealthy if we take the consistent, necessary steps. It takes learning and acting on what you have learned. No seed can grow unless it is planted and nurtured. In the same manner, no money can grow unless it is invested, traded and properly administered. In this book, Frans Mhlophe explains the habits that we need to learn to become wealthy. He also outlines a detailed wealth plan, and what to do to keep what you have accumulated for generations. The role of the government is highlighted, so that we should not be misled to believe that the government is solely responsible for our success. We are responsible for our own success.

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